Outdoor camping lanterns provide a needed power source when you camp out or go backpacking. Useful to light your camping space inside your tent or outdoors, non-gas lanterns are safe around children, operate in stormy weather and illuminate your camping area. Outdoor lanterns are also useful inside your home for times when a storm knocks out your electricity. In addition, some camping lanterns come with extra features, such as a USB port to operate your cell phone. According to toptenreviews.com these are the best camping lanterns.

10. The streamlight

The Streamlight 44931 Siege Lantern is waterproof and impact-resistant with its sturdy construction, and you cannot turn it on by accident, thanks to its recessed button. This lightweight outdoor camping lantern has a keyed door on the bottom that lets you access the batteries in the dark. It also has a long runtime and SOS capability, and the cover comes off so you can illuminate larger areas.

9. Rayovac

This camping lantern takes up a small amount of space, yet puts out a surprising amount of light. Measuring 3.4 x 7.3 inches, the lantern comes with three adjustable settings of high, low and strobe. Using the low-level light, you can expect the lantern to operate for 90 hours, while the high setting lets it run for 40 hours. The handy strobe setting helps you find this lamp even in the dark and operates when the lantern is off by blinking every five seconds. This is a useful feature when you are camping or if the electricity goes off in your home.

8. NEBO Tools

The NEBO Tools 5959 Eco Lantern has four ways to recharge when you go camping, boating or RV-ing or have a power outage at home. The LED camping lights with added reflectors increase the lighting output, and it has impact- and water-resistant features and sturdy construction for long use.

7. Mr. Beams

This camping light measures 7.25 x 3 x 3 inches. It uses only one button to operate it, is resistant to weather, and offers a rubberized base and grips on the sides. Two settings are available on the lantern, and you push the button once for a bright light and once again for the nightlight mode. The bright mode of 260 lumens is enough to light an area of about 900 square feet. The low mode uses 20 lumens, which is suitable for use as a nightlight. The different light modes on this battery-powered lantern give you 15 hours of bright light, or 300 hours of light on the nightlight setting.

6. Goal Zero

This outdoor camping lantern has a dial that lets you adjust the light to the precise brightness you want. The runtime for this lantern is 48 hours on low and about 2.5 hours on high at 150 lumens. Emergency lighting on the top that you turn on with a switch provides red pulsing light that flashes both vertically and horizontally but does not have a very distant output. When you turn the dial counterclockwise, it lights up one LED, and turning it clockwise lights up both sides.

5. Gama Sonic

The Gama Sonic DL-713LS is a small lantern that comes with 40 LEDs that shine light in one direction. This LED camping light is useful for camping, to take along in your vehicle for emergency repairs or at home when the electricity fails. In addition, since it has a sturdy handle, you can carry it with you to use as a flashlight.

4. Eureka Warrior

The Eureka Warrior 230 LED Lantern is a compact camping lantern that comes with a dimmer, standby function, and the ability to signal an SOS flash sequence of three short and three long flashes. This battery-powered light also has a remote control and doubles as a flashlight with SOS capability. In addition, it features a long runtime and a hook so you can hang it inside your tent or on a tree branch.

3. Dorcy

The Dorcy 41-1017 is a miniature battery-powered lantern that is among the most lightweight and packable LED camping lights available. What it lacks in luminescence and bonus features, it makes up for with a small and rugged design that ensures it can fit into your backpack or overnight bag without taking up much space.

2. Coleman CPX

The Coleman 1000 Lumen CPX 6 Lantern is impact- and water-resistant. This camping lantern offers sturdy construction and five LED bulbs that shine a light 360 degrees. You have a choice of four light settings, and the lantern runs on batteries or by using a cartridge made by the company. It has a high runtime, depending on the light setting, and a high number of lumens.

1. Black Diamond

The Black Diamond Titan Lantern emits bright light and has dual reflectors to enhance that light and a split ring so you can hang it up. It comes with a dimmer to save on energy, compacts down to save space, and provides a wide area of illumination for camping, backpacking or emergency lighting in your home.

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